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Sunday 27 March, 2011

Wear Vibram Five Fingers In Socks

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Traditional boots, its characteristic is boots curl, boots sought help for tan or light brown color, boots general beam and help for tooth green panels, beautifully labeled "clouds roll" "dish bowel" pattern. Boots and wide leather, or lining lined carpet. Inner Mongolia five when called wide sleep inside the temple has kept a pair of I living buddhas robson larson cortical five fingers shoes, it has more than two hundred years history.

The hulunbuir region has a "whole cloud big approach by boots" pointed tube, a tongkou horseshoe-shaped ruler, become warped on boots two inches or so, has the distinct characteristics of traditional Mongolian boots.Round head boots, fasten sweet cowhide make, front hypertrophy, help, boots are skins, cold-resistant effect is better. The vibram 5 fingers shoes have to remember. Ancient people regardless of the men and women all wear round head sweet leather boots. Because this kind of sweet cowhide boots cold-weather effect extremely good.

The boots be made with black high-grade sweet cowhide, with a green clip boots to help the together, together with has several layers of ripe, the thick leather into grounds, style, material and tonal one integrated mass, has the of primitive simplicity and dignified local style. In addition, they must wear a bright skin boots, its pattern similar sweet cowhide boots. They rode out the coldest days when the spectators in the boot of wear boots set outside the goats, called "all play" cry. Young people wear Vibram Five Fingers in socks with beautiful patterns to sewing boots edge.

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