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Thursday 31 March, 2011

Weakness Of Vibram 5 Fingers Sale

by Administrator

Export competitiveness remain, upgrading industries is imperative. China's abundant raw materials skin resources, a sound industrial chain, huge processing capacity, improve the sales and marketing network, political social stability, etc help industry and continuous development of comprehensive advantages from other countries and regions in short time difficult to replace. But undeniable, with the labor costs rise, plus the appreciation, China's competitive advantage really in flagging. Exports but low value-added export industry in China, is the biggest weakness of vibram 5 fingers sale. Adjust the industrial structure, the promotion product value, the business focus from production processing for the leading metastasize to the brand value of ascension for the leading business strategy helps the long-term competitiveness of Chinese five fingers shoe enterprises.

Export demand recover gradually, but the long-term growth. The U.S. economy represents good posture, purchasing power began to recover, helps to promote industry export, vibram fingers shoes industry export enterprise are quarter expected to continue the trend of order exuberant, but the outlook for the eurozone economy for the biggest uncertainty, the recovery of export market brings certain risks. We predict the second half on the eu footwear product export growth would slow to 5-10 percent.

Domestic market prospects, consumer upgrades to impel the retail growth. Residents incomes continue to improve and consumption structure upgrade will drive dress shoes retail growth. Vibram kso product will benefit from three or four lines of the rapid growth of the urban consumption and high-end products will benefit from the growing middle class group. Along with the brand awareness of deep, with brand advantage will lead the market, establish and market draftees corresponding brand enterprises to obtain long-term competitiveness will become the important factors.

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