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Thursday 24 March, 2011

Vibram Shoes Wearing Also Comfortable

by Administrator

Because soles are scratch-resistant polyamide materials, so shoes very accord with comfortable several elements: shock absorption grip antiskid lightly; So the five fingers sole endurable, very accord with human body mechanics, what can let baseboard completely relax, and even a long journey, also won't feel tired.

For such for foot soles material is very quick. Because generally too stiff soles wearing time long words often can cause foot sting, but too soft soles and may make some of the debris in unconventional road top to sole cause cough up the dangerous 2:39 feet even feet.Sole in feet thick processing with the palm heels, not only makes the foot is avoided even if trample a pushpin will not be in danger (extended version of pushpin cannot calculate oh;) ) and vibram kso shoes walks like doing foot massage may also promote the blood circulation of smooth efficacy oh. Big toe toes section, except little toe to force so thicker outside, the rest 3 toes were all designed relatively thinner soft convenient toe bending movement.

Say that finish sole again for upper, vamp is said PU materials, compare waterproof also lighter. Shoes of guantum estimation is genuine leather, vibram five fingers shoes wearing also comfortable, very dry. Inside the shoe bottom and shoe lining is completely pieced together, then calculate to water immersion to long time after wear, also won't have fall off the embarrassment of jie guantum. Inside the shoe bottom heel place also added a chunk of latex mat so more soft feeling more elastic. The soles and shoes toes part use is breathable fabric joints, so wear again long toes also won't feel hot. And can effectively restrain bacterial infection, so as to prevent beriberi growth.

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