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Thursday 03 March, 2011

Vibram Shoes Soles Material

by Administrator

Tracing the creek shoes and sandals, the bluestone or the pebble, prevent slippery effect very good, sole soft, upon receipt of pressure distortion, and ground stick and closely, friction is very large. And suitable for the hard rock bottom, plus the road had the water, cannot exert its advantages, a bit like a car tires with water skidding on the same.But if wear soft bottom Vibram Five Fingers shoes in the rugged rocks road walk, friction absolutely no problem, but the hardness of foot soles can give adequate protection of sole with the rugged deformation, facing to the pressure, uneven shipped soles feet back injury prone, and it is difficult to long walk.

In fact Vibram Shoes soles material also is divided into many kinds, such as common Vibram Trail Run, are: Vibram Ground be Vibram Multigriff, Meindl, Vibram Karisimbi multigrip, make Vibram Montagna etc. Here Vibram Trail Run the outsole (outsole) is using general outdoor travel (A), use, AB class compound rubber materials, PU layer, absorb shock, meanwhile, we also provide good grip, And Vibram Ground be is B, BC products choose soles. Have good applicability, firm, wear-resisting, damping effect is good, suitable for long distance travel and gravel in the hill-country of use. And make vibram kso Montagna soles is for the more hard environment.

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