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Tuesday 29 March, 2011

Vibram Shoes Sale In Recent Years

by Administrator

Chinese shoe's in french can be traced back in the early 1990s, Chinese vibram 5 fingers shoes industry in recent years by leaps and bounds in French, has become the footwear market plays an important role in the European one. In this group mainly temperature business, not only accounted for 80 percent products of the market in France, with French location advantage, radiation the whole Western Europe, north Africa, eastern Europe and other regions. Among them is located in the northern suburb of Paris YeShi Chinese champions worship reagent footwear market, has become the French and even the entire European shoes wholesale center, from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Poland, the Czech republic and other countries of the merchants exchanges theatre.

Even Singapore's guests, because there is no way in China has found so satisfied goods, so simply run to Paris stock. Nowadays, Vibram Sale has become the clothing, food industry, work, Chinese small and a main from areas, the French economy development and the status of Chinese economy, produced a positive impact.Admittedly, the rise of temperature quotient leather shoes the greatest advantage is still cheap, profitable brand still controls native hand in France. But in the world of fashion, wen quotient timely grasp the latest trend ability to get fully embody.

Smart they in the process of expanding the market, and continuously improve product quality, perfect service, thus to varieties and novel design, high quality and reasonable price products win the customers' trust and gradually establish a huge fixed target customers. France, for example, Chinese Five fingers shoes industry association "arc DE triomphe company" not only has undertaken several big French chain footwear sales orders, and fixed scattered clients also has amounted to over 2,000.

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