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Monday 28 March, 2011

Vibram Shoes Match Or Not Fit

by Administrator

Vibram Five Fingers shoes match or not fit, only the feet know. But really until the uncomfortable feet sleep, general shoes are can't return it, therefore, Taiwan, practitioner of rehabilitation hospital share the choose shoes is four methods, let people from foot pain and save for a rainy day "baby" own legs. First is to choose the right to buy shoes opportunity, suggest afternoon or evening better of choose and buy, because your feet swollen, usually in the afternoon at the shoes wouldn't buy too.

Secondly, because many people this size of two feet are different, so two feet all need try together shoes. Again, walking five fingers shoes to feel a snug fit, whether to walk, whether etc, so whether to try walking shoes as much as possible. Finally, many women all wished to wear shoes as small as possible some of the most front-end and, in fact, the longest between the toes keep 1 to 1.5 cm distance, meanwhile Vibram 5 Fingers shoes front appropriate bounty some, otherwise will excessive extrusion toes. Also suggest, in another office desk for 1 double slippers, to provide in posture work can replace; To timely sat down to rest; Occasionally raise foot, foot pressure and swelling reduce levels; When you are free to help foot and leg can massage.

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