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Thursday 31 March, 2011

Vibram Sale Leading China Market

by Administrator

German five fingers shoes are very popular. This type of China 1/3 place recently designedly adopted bending tank design, more in line with the infant child fan-shaped namely. They have made to the exhibition of ordinary citizens said not we worshipping foreign powers, but some overseas brand design and ideas are more in line with the needs of the children, the product itself and the quality of design is the key to attract consumers. And foreign children industry development more mature, from exhibitors booth arrangement to products on display are, catering to mom and dad and children's needs, so these foreign brand a debut of Chinese consumers and deep love.

Recently, the so-called create global first pair of leisure five fingers shoes, leisure step and a hotel in houjie town, held a news conference for the China market. To the media revealed that press conference expected in this August, China's first "flawed step and functional store, will appear" in Shanghai, followed in will also have shops. In 2012, is expected to file between the number of 100.

Foreign children brand, Vibram Sale leading to in China market competition to speed it up, immature Chinese children industry bring a lot of impact. Now China children brand should increase in brand image, brand positioning, advertising investment, spokesperson extension and other investment, while also upgrade to terminal, including stores image reconstruction, management sales skills training, etc. But in production, China enterprise should constantly introducing new and a series of products to meet stores construction demand.

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