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Sunday 27 March, 2011

Vibram Kso Shoes With People-oriented

by Administrator

As is known to all, China is clog culture birthplace, will record of woodiness material used for shoes for nearly 5000 years of history, and cork is used in shoemaking also decades of history. Because natural cork unique honeycomb hollow inflatable cellular structure and lignin, lignin, natural resin as the main elements of the chemical composition, decided to cork is non-toxic, qualitative light, elastic, damping prevent slippery, wear-resisting, compressive, not corruption not decayed, deformation aging, and many other good physical and chemical properties, thus can maximum satisfy high-end fashion fivefingers shoes, military, labor insurance, surgical orthopaedic, and other special shoes inside bottom material need.

In order to meet modern more comfortable change to clogs, artistry, personalized and green fitness pollution-free requirements, in the first domestic leading development cork products shoes, sole, vibram 5 fingers shoes to use cork essence pink nature and decoloring, color , rubber cork sole overlock materials, cork cloth, cork leather, etc. Various kinds of light clogs bottom. Recently completed the cork the development of composite fitness sole, set the strong clogs bottom of dull and cork soft comfortable at an organic whole, heel, heel, former palm with three stress points, to fill the strengthening cork three foot before dint even comfortable, realize the effect can be hands.

Vamp with cork leather realized complete wood turn green pollution-free shoes, suitable for all kinds of fashion shoes, casual shoes, sandy shoes, leather shoes manufacturing, and greatly reduce the cork shoes cost. This product has been applied for the national patent. Vibram kso shoes with the people-oriented, safe health comfortable supreme, the development of man and nature of modern humorous of consumption concept, in recent years by guangdong, wenzhou, fujian, shandong, used in many large procurement shoe export shoes production to meet the market demand, disseminating Chinese consumers clogs culture.

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