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Tuesday 22 March, 2011

Vibram Kso Shoes Promote Foot Blood

by Administrator

Two meridians and odd via eight veins, had ten is in the feet, ending feet gathered again Many of the meridian entry points, body is visceral qi infusion and gathered, viscera lesions often can through meridian reflection To the feet, so called "man's full second heart". When we massage foot reflection area, it stimulates these Meridians, it with blood circulation and reflection along meridian follow the principle, as do route for conduction, thus plays channels Role. According to CTM meridian theory, vibram fivefingers after years of scientific research, sole developed vibram fingers sneakers .

Its structure made of breathable massage shoes body and sole massage column constitutes, shoes body and foot contact surface opened a blind holes, massage Column in the lower end of the fixed among blind hole. Effective foot massage reflexology points, thin face by dredging, vibram kso promote foot blood circulation. with A rational design, simple structure and easy processing, use convenient, the health care effect is good wait for a characteristic, have stepped in stream Sand on the feeling of return to nature, is the best keep sufficient fitness products.

A meter is continued price strategy, price difference is pulling the consumer eye forever, under the same quality footwear, low price is undoubtedly the most vaunted by consumer, vibram fingers is main footwear market with low price, with prices to move the market first, secondly, vibram fingers shoes go fashion line grasping market trends, individuality characteristic products but also attracts consumers flock to five fingers shoes, features, differential marketing products, vibram fingers shoes, Vibram 5 Fingers, vibram fivefingers sneakers meet specific needs, with characteristic fashion with fashionable attract consumption, leading market development trend.

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