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Saturday 26 March, 2011

Vibram Fivefingers Shoes In Operations

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As China's first outdoor footwear the creator product brand, in the years of vibram fivefingers shoes in operations always adhere to the quality first, the prestige first ideas for people to create wealth while, also in harvest happiness. According to wang introduction, he participated in outdoor sports 8 years, first met so distinctive outdoor sports products, accomplished his sport dream.

Originally, Mr wang is a mountaineering enthusiasts, each month to a nearby mountain climbing, physical exercise, but for a long time, mountaineering gear but has become an obstacle. The heart of wang "Throughout the national multiple sports supermarket, can buy makes me completely convinced sports products, mountaineering most of be shoes, a pair of good mountaineering shoes can let the climber is increased by 20% speed and safety, finally, I finally met dream vibram five fingers shoes. That the vibram 5 fingers shoes sanitarian function, wang explain: because five fingers shoe sole with force is very good, grasp the toes can flexible free, can completely to separate activity a different feeling climb.

Other shoes are completely without this function. "Vibram Five Fingers shoes", the sole won't like other rubber sole in hard rock as in water will become very slippery. Five fingers tiptoe and heel shoes can protect the very safe. Simple separate toes don't like oars shoes, because oar shoes, "Vibram dropped five fingers shoes" may be firmly wear on their feet, so no doubt increased while ability, also enhanced security. "Wisconsin clinodactyly shoes" o torre can also be used for surfing the shoes and put on "when Vibram shoes" Vibram of five feet and legs wear no shoes as feeling sensitive, handling up too handy. In any case, feeling and light feet are in fact similar, five toe flexible mobile, especially in the longer smooth surfboard can also walk freely.

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