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Thursday 24 March, 2011

Vibram Five Shoes Walk Very Smoothly

by Administrator

Wearing fivefingers shoes, toes could such activity freely, I'm afraid you have these shoes can do it, this new design sneakers, inspiration comes with the common to market clinodactyly socks. The Japanese public: "feel like barefoot in the running, shoes very docile, almost feel the feet wearing shoes." This pair of shoes is not only stretch and dye-in-the-wood, feet refers to the bottom of the soft mat grain, can reduce toes touching the ground of impact, quite suitable for love running man.

Many people for work, need to stand for long, but also because of the whole people weight were on foot, easy to produce the sore, now also have a new product. Originally the insoles, can stand scattered the weight of the whole when. The red areas, is our standing, the stress concentration areas; Change the insoles, you can clearly see foot pressure big red area obviously disappeared, wear Vibram 5 Fingers sheos, standing again long also not easy tired. The students like to wear one word procrastinates, but wearing long fingers, toes to the pain.

Sticky fingers cushion, docile in the slipper, let a person wearing slipper fall off not between the toes, also let the fingers with slippers, won't cause the pain by friction. The Japanese public: "can't slip away, very posted feet, vibram five shoes walk very smoothly, and so they 'rereally comfortable, this thing is I think the best." If fingers pad, dirty laundry can reoccupy was, indeed, wear slippers good fittings.

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