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Friday 11 March, 2011

Vibram Five Fingers Shoes Profile

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Recently, the British market appeared a can as children grow and continuous "foot brought up" five fingers shoes. This invention is in development stages of the children's parents, it is undoubtedly a Gospel, from now on parents no longer need for children's feet quickly grow and every few months will spend the money to buy shoes. According to the British media has reported that this kind of shoes look a bit like arthropods 2001-2003, so this kind of shoes also called 2001-2003 shoes.

Shoes points before and after two parts, through intermediate retractable rubber joined up. Vibram Five Fingers shoes profile has a button, can loosen the connection adjust shoes before the size. Bottom is reading display the current shoe size, parents can see through adjusting the length of the shoe size. Each pair of shoes have 3 kinds of different sizes, every time could be longer half yards. The sales manager Peter Craig said: "this kind of shoes really have originality, parents don't know how to save energy.

Very simple operation once, can make shoes lengthen 3 and a half yards - truly can according to the size of the foot to adjust.This means that parents don't every few months will go to the shoe store to buy vibram five fingers kso shoes." Meanwhile, this kind of shoes for those feet size different children provides a convenient, they can be divided into the two shoes size adjustment. In addition, parents worry about shoes firm degree, shoes itself will not suddenly change size. But Mr Craig also expresses, this kind of shoes just marketed, still need to pass strict field test.

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