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Friday 11 March, 2011

Vibram Fingers Shoes Fashion Modeling

by Administrator

Vibram Five Fingers shoes sole according to the shape of the five toes separated by a forming, vamp sewn into five independent permeability fabrics toe, wearer toes each other between separate, feel soft, comfortable dry, inhibit bacteria infection, so as to prevent beriberi growth; vibram fingers shoes sole according to the foot of man shape design, the wearer between the toes without extrusion feeling, each toe stretch freely, toe bone deformation, foot without the sting and real experience natural feeling.

Vibram five fingers kso shoes as a sole prepared "glove", in protecting skin also provides more bare foot feeling; It like a man's second skin, make wearer in landing reaction concentrated in sole center balance, vibram fingers shoes will five separate movement design, especially suitable for like leisure sports' people in tourism, jogging, mountaineering, outdoor and indoor sports such as yoga when wearing, Toes are people farthermost from places, five toes separated videotapes toes and between the toes will automatically generate the massage effect, thus facilitating toes in the blood circulation, touch the wearer bring good health.

Secondly, vibram five fingers shoes fashion modeling, the outward appearance is exquisite, fivefingers shoes all adopt high and new technology and advanced production process, vibram five fingers shoes by the world's top footwear designers.ceslie French Georges Brins sir, in world fashion TV international model contest as footwear designer Coco meng, LiZiMeng design, material selection, color collocation etc design reflects the world's top level.

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