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Wednesday 06 April, 2011

Uniform Of Five Fingers Shoes

by Administrator

One person familiar with the central European five fingers shoes trade situation to reporters who, the international and no uniform of five fingers shoes technical standards. Conform to the eu consumers to product safety, health and environmental protection attention, the eu corresponding has enacted a large number of strengthen product safety performance standards and environmental protection requirement regulations and instructions. Therefore, the European Union's technical standards in general to high than Chinese national standards.

This personage stressed that the European Union was able to work out high technical standard, because the European shoemaking enterprise technology more advanced, has the ability to meet these standards and requirements. In addition, because footwear still belong to labor intensive, make high technical standards, can improve footwear trade "technical barriers", protect labor costs are not dominant in the interests of the eu shoemaking enterprise. In recent years, as China, Vietnam and other countries in the European Union of low-cost vibram kso shoes production to market forces more remarkable, the importance of technical barriers is increasingly prominent.

However, European footwear manufacturer didn't have been satisfied. Long-term since, the eu shoemaking enterprise to meet these new product technical standards and requirements, had to transform the technology investment, thus increasing the cost. They asked the eu countries on imports of continuously strengthened, in order to avoid detection vibram 5 fingers shoes caused "unfair competition".

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