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Thursday 24 March, 2011

This Kind Of 5 Finger Shoes

by Administrator

This kind of 5 finger shoes design from France, subversion of the people of shoe traditional impression, shoes head identified the five toes shape, this kind of shoes benefit is that can stimulate foot muscle, promote the blood circulation, imitate go barefoot. However, wear this shoe, can't wear ordinary socks, either barefoot, or wear five fingers socks, of course, had better carry thin cotton five fingers sox just better.

In fact the shoes, you should start from its design concept to understand its meaning: don't seem is to give you the feeling of wear vibram 5 fingers shoes.Certain aspects of the experts investigation found that human shoes invention, not for ascending humans walking ability, but kill the human ability to walk. Walked the earth ability best feet, is a primitive tribes from Africa. All their activities are not wear shoes. So, the fashion design idea is to let you find the feeling of wear no shoes.

Waiting for 24 hours later, I finally wait for I want to experience, very surprise, vibram fivefingers shoes of unexpectedly is that I like purple, before it has been entanglements if is green, I should take what to go with you...Open the package to squeeze the foot, unexpectedly fit into, sweat, not my stupid about first, is too excited ha. Should adjust seat to wear feet refers to the wonderful, I finally put on this double will attract countless eyeball shoes.

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