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Monday 28 March, 2011

The Vibram Kso Shoe Industry

by Administrator

In recent years, domestic group of China enterprise began to frequent moves, send force high-end children's products to the market, or propaganda new brand, or adjustment of product structure, or have increase its high-end series products share. Even some fivefingers shoes enterprise also began "lend chicken unripe egg", which attracted the industry development of industry of China further attention. Peremptory, the children industry storm has quietly load, broad children market becomes each shoe enterprises of the Denver nuggets "new blue ocean".

Recently, international shoe assn 12th. Shoes machine exhibition will China market development foreground held a seminar, conference kids popular trend from across the country gather the vibram kso shoe industry purchasers and overseas popular trend forecasters. International shoes have learned, at the children popular trend exhibition conference is combined with the development of Chinese children market in high-end market, will be the biggest breakthrough, as brand development, cooperate in a small percentage of top market, as the first step in international market army strategic.

The personage inside course of study points out, "although domestic children industry started late, because it is not compared with adult shoes industry, the market also not too perfect, several well-known brands has not been formed, but it also shows that China market still exist very big development space." Indeed, with the rise of domestic numerous children brand by more and more 5 finger shoes market, brand hitler-stalin carve-up. When we looked around, more and more domestic China enterprise started looking for new industrial development space, gaining momentum director with a brand of 2008 element.

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