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Sunday 20 March, 2011

The Strength Of The Vibram Fingers

by Administrator

Vibram Five Fingers shoes are focused happy and Paris fashion brand product of baozi honor, through long grope headquarters have very rich experience in the operation, as a veteran in shoe border of the old brand factory, light see the factory covers an area of 6 square meters of the new factory, I can feel the strength of the vibram fingers powerful.

Through my factory visit, found vibram fivefingers has strong technical development strength, its development vibram fivefingers shoes has entered the broad consumer purchase horizon, novel design structure favored by consumers. Vibram in the fivefingers shoes for consumer health responsible and pursuit of excellence and strive to perfect products, the determination shall make agents and customer satisfaction. "In the consumer upgrade process, shoemaking industry begins to be more and more consumers, investors' attention.

With the development of shoemaking, product homogeneity is more and more serious, already cannot satisfy consumers' fashion personalized pursuit, the market of product homogeneity, the competetion is differentiation, implement blue ocean strategy. Vibram leading to the sandhust health, fashion, with five fingers shoes as dominant, from brand culture to product novel unique personality, all in markets and other footwear distinction, in the fierce competition in the footwear market pioneered a new blue ocean.

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