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Thursday 24 March, 2011

The Function Of Five Fingers Shoes

by Administrator

The function of Five fingers shoes sole introduce a, physiotherapy: according to the shape of the five toes separated by a forming, vamp sewn into five independent air fabrics, wearer toe toes separated each other, feel soft. Comfortable dry, inhibit bacteria infection, so as to prevent beriberi growth. Second, health care: toes is people farthermost from places, five toes separated between toe toes and videotapes from a dynamic produce massage effect, thus promote the blood circulation, virtually toes to wearer bring good health.

Three, natural and comfortable: sole shape design according to the foot, wearer between the toes without extrusion feeling, each toe stretch freely, toe bone deformation, foot no stabbing pain, truly experience the feeling of returning to nature. Four, stylish personality: five toe shoes for the novel design is a revolution of the traditional shoes, especially to the young to the pursuit of fashionable individual character, the demand created new material conditions. Five, recreational sports: five fingers, especially suitable for separate movement design of leisure sports people like aimless run. Mountaineering tourism.. Yoga etc indoor and outdoor wear.

Five fingers shoes and socks "name" rubber five fingers.Rubber vibram fingers sox by an Italian sock manufacturer is made with neoprene launched the socks. Along with the new "five fingers socks" pop, European and American sport is raised a "barefoot boom". They expressed a surprised the socks and praise, including British occupational sprinter. In early 2007, a brand called "five fingers" (FiveFingers) gym socks for his novel, practical invention by U.S. time magazine named best inventions, in sports very exciting and popular.

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