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Tuesday 01 March, 2011

The Five Fingers Popularity

by Administrator

Just on the market at present main customer-groups in 70, 80, 90, headed by this after generations for both trendy and exquisite comfortable, more care about health, Vibram Five Fingers shoes to fill vacancies, drill into the market demand of the market. In early actually 07 Vibram Five Fingers shoes already fashionable Italy, 08 we observe carefully words can see five fingers shoes has become a Hollywood international stars pets, until 2010 Shanghai world expo Italian museum clinodactyly shoes performance show, let Chinese tourists completely obsessed clinodactyly shoes, so far the five fingers popularity of the shoe began in the Chinese market sparring tremendous consumer peak.

Vibram five fingers shoes as mentioned above, that combines fashion, comfortable, healthy at a suit. Vibram Five Fingers shoes on the exterior cater to consumer demand integration design, after 80 to 90 after the main consumption group is accompanied by anime, Internet grew up, so step sandhust clinodactyly shoes design should have more originality and artistry, conforms to modern people's independence, accord with "I am I 'individuality demand, therefore to stylist puts forward a higher request, stylist wants more, starting from aesthetic feeling for life comprehend into the design of the Chinese traditional culture elements and internationalization elements combined, create more rich artistic and aesthetic Vibram Shoes.

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