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Thursday 03 March, 2011

The Famous Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

by Administrator

The famous Vibram Five Fingers shoes bottom is various types, common glue water slide shoes just the whole Vibram product series of a kind. The opportunity to see the Italian brand lizard samples, so it is dedicated Vibram outsole water sports.Sole rubber very soft, rubbing them in their hands can rub off tiny mist. I will this pair of fivefingers shoes touch sail upstream respectively in toilet of ceramic tile, marble mesa and window pane friction, feeling very tight, with absolutely no sliding feeling. May at first, the toe tucked into such strange shoes or in some strange, but you're using 10 times after, you can discover, actually this is mittens, only wear parts into a glove just, help our light toes from harm.The first use of shoes before vibram five fingers kso, need light passage onto 2 minutes, let his feet can adapt to a light feet feeling, then wear shoes (wear gloves? ), wear you can feel the tactility of real truth shoes-a transfer to your brain, foot motherboard on the ground laminating feeling. Then you can more flexible to control your feet, face wet smooth surface.

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