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Tuesday 29 March, 2011

The Bottleneck Of Five Fingers Shoes

by Administrator

Shoes industry development in China has a thick culture, but innovation is insufficient, design a lack of clear market obsolete, the developing goal, became the bottleneck of five fingers shoes enterprise development. Analysis of the personage inside course of fivefingers shoes industry development to do the following three points: first, to have strong professional designers, strengthen style, color, fabric, function, to update the design change people's traditional impression, will be made of fivefingers shoes are changed, popular toward the direction of development.

Second, strengthen the function development, the current health, health care is people concern, foot care can have illnesses, and fivefingers shoes the efficacy of longevity has its characteristic is. Third, the innovation of marketing mode, expanding more marketing channel. Therefore, China fivefingers shoes enterprise innovation development concept, will the Chinese elements and fashion trends are shirt-sleeve, can initiate a modern fivefingers shoes culture of new faces.

The Chinese into direct selling shoes plaza.underneath that moment, a surprise is waiting for miss modals. Many shopping in this "the citizens of early await you," the scream, continuous applause ring. Interestingly, miss international have their own fans, a female student take miss India poster, forcibly, says she waving from miss international website designedly download her picture, made a poster for idol refuel! Later Walked the red carpet 100 meters, waiting for miss modals of unexpectedly pairs beauty vibram five fingers kso shoes, spring, summer, autumn, winter seasons new models. They carry a pair of his own one exclusive beautiful shoes, go barefoot on the T stage, that a pair of dreadful identity labels and with their unique temperament shoes, bring their comfortable and happy, let whole T stage is sending out fantastic light, miss America excitedly say: "I like Disney animated movie of the all-new full-length found a Cinderella, crystal shoe!"

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