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Thursday 24 March, 2011

Recommended Vibram Five Fingers Kso

by Administrator

Sole mountaineering shoes soles should be rubber soles (there are also some factory as a mountaineering shoes of the TPR priming paint, but TPR shock absorption ability is bad, the wear-resisting performance and flod-resistance performance and rubber has difference, I don't recommend), rubber in wearable and antiskid aspect really is incomparable. Of course, if your budget is higher, can choose Vibram 5 Fingers base.

Upper outer makings of course is best, coriaceous into cortical head skin, second skin, scope, etc, in thickness and price differences. Vibram Five Fingers shoes remind you in mountaineering shoes in the upper screen cloth is indispensable sometimes, nets cloth has flod-resistance and permeability good efficacy, often in entry-level the mountaineering shoes. Leather material flod-resistance and permeability is poor, do not recommend buying.

Three, buffering properties of what is action? Buffer At the feet and ground process, from the soles and ground vibrations will through human bone and muscle tissue upward bulletin, the victim is your knee, followed by the brain. The most important function of the soles and efficacy is one of the cushioning and separation of shock, slow motion of the knee and brain damage. This effect mainly by the soles, insole to achieve. Outsole constitute the mainly by rubber outsole and upper between, you will see a kind of material is soft materials, called the insole. Generally speaking, EVA soles in better than PU, EVA insole of low density, flexibility is good. Also some shoes to reduce cost, and do not have the bottom, vibram five fingers kso shoes remind you recommended the entire block rubber soles, made from those directly Angle consideration, I personally don't recommend such mountaineering shoes.

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