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Thursday 03 March, 2011

Recently Launched Five Fingers Shoes

by Administrator

The well-known V bottom -- many outdoor shoe from the moment you can from behind the sole ambiguously see small yellow, people call it V bottom, this is the shoe the guarantee of quality. Vibram considered shoebotten university, who recently launched five fingers in the Chinese market shoes -- Fivefingers. There is a cobble ground experience, put on this pair of shoes after five fingers, can be very balance and safely walk, keep my feet correct posture, 5 feet that can be sensitive feeling action, regulate body posture, it is said that even can avoid further lumbago etc walk posture not correct disease caused, let five feet refers to breathe freely, suitable for hiking, climb, fitness, field running, highway run etc all kinds of sports."Vibram Five Fingers" Five Fingers biggest shoe features using Five toe phase separation design. Vibram company explains: "in toes separated, foot's muscles, tendons and ligaments will get very good relaxation, thus reducing the tiredness when walking." Because this kind of vibram kso shoes closer YuGuangJiao walk, the wearer can again realize regression primitive, light feet run to feel.

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