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Thursday 31 March, 2011

Qualified Of Fivefingers Shoes

by Administrator

City council yesterday released the comparison test results: kids fivefingers shoes only qualified 63.6%. Many children's physical and mechanical performance indicators are not up to standards, easy to cause the shoe body to feet. City of guangzhou industrial and commercial bureau joint council baby products stores, supermarkets, shops, which school peripheral business store sales comparison test in kids from 55 batches in check, only 35 batches of qualified products, percent pass is 63.6%.

The problems mainly is the partial physical and mechanical performance index did not reach the product standards, including application heart bending rigidity, outsole wear-resisting performance, upper belt pull out strength, outsole hardness, tensile strength, tensile elongation, adhesion strength and good wear quantity does not accord with a standard to ask. Large supermarket product quality generally make people more comfortable in the council, but city in selectiving examination found that part of the large supermarket vibram five fingers shoes sales also exist functional quality problems.

Such as auspicious island following department store east Po Thailand branch sales, nominal popular shoe industry limited company production of "small strong child" brand virgin shoes, bending stiffness existed application heart is only half of the standard requirements. Expert introduction, application heart installed in shoes outside the outsole and the waist between parts, plays "nest" role, support creaks and kept the overall shape, tick off heart unqualified causes vibram kso shoes deformation, dressed in unstable, and can even lead to serious when feet, fall. Another of its sales, astro boy was also check out the cartoon kids tensile strength and tensile elongation unqualified.

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