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Friday 04 March, 2011

Overturned Traditional Vibram Shoes

by Administrator

In early 2007, at home and abroad to fill blank, focus on the happy footwear market international trading (Beijing) Co., LTD. Is a development team lasted nearly three years of research and development, after hundreds of repeated try, try and keep improving, and finally makes global unique ladies "Five fingers shoes" patent technology. Vibram Five Fingers shoes not only filled traditional footwear market blank, footwear from since listing by environmental fashion idealist love, lead the new trend of natural and healthy.Vibram "brand positioning for vibram kso shoes always high-end consumption, variety, design is numerous, price moderate, all the year round, everything.

It is prepared for foot ", "gloves in protecting skin also provides more bare foot feeling; It is just like a person the second floor of the skin, make wearer in landing reaction concentrated in sole center balance, It is sailors, yoga practitioners and canoeing lovers, the male athletes and leisure travelers diameter of favorites; With its lightweight appropriate and safety strong characteristic has swept the world - Vibram Five Fingers shoes overturned traditional shoe market the shoes, bound was lifted a vogue "barefoot buer".

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