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Friday 01 April, 2011

Large Stores Vibram Sale

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According to statistics, since 2001 national large stores Vibram Sale remained above 10% growth. January 2002 - December with "out-of-home fivefingers shoes" give priority to fashion fivefingers shoes, leisure fivefingers shoes year-on-year increase sales respectively, its sales 12.5%, 15.3% of original traditional home 5 finger shoes consumption ratio of 50.9 per cent. In 2004, two products sales growth 16.7% and 18.6% respectively. Our slippers industry export in recent years obtained fast development, according to customs statistics, 2008 9.12 million dollars for exports than in 2007, an increase of 13.7%, 2009 1 - July 2008, the accumulative total exports for the year, industry whole transportmode 65.9% exports export trend favors.

With the increasingly 5 finger shoes product sales in expanding industry, enterprise hands while allowing five fingers shoes become people capacity of a new shoes in life, innovation slippers category become future footwear market biggest competitor, five fingers shoes industry are also called the "3" footwear. These fuming five fingers shoes industry blue ocean age.China has the largest population in the world, China's future is still total spending the most potential shoes products one of the market, especially brand shoe market. The personage inside course of study says, the world output is the world population shoe 2-3 times, footwear product growth of population growth is twice, and is located in Asia, China currently nearly 23 billion annual consumption footwear double, has surpassed the us 22 million pairs, the highest in the world.

The Asian per capita consumption capacity of about 120 pairs of vibram fingers shoes, according to the Swiss bank's latest estimates: as Asian countries the constant development of economy, people spending power and to enhance awareness of rural consumption level, and big increases in future years, Asian per capita consumption, namely, three pairs will throw away more than 100 million pairs of consumption, strong market consumption potential will effectively support Asian shoe industry sustainable development and fully open Asian shoe vigorous development space.

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