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Thursday 03 March, 2011

Interesting Vibram Five Fingers Shoes

by Administrator

From hiking shoes to climbing boots to work boots, everywhere vibram marks in many yellow sole can be found. Vibram Shoes, Italy's famous rubber manufacturers, since 1947 started production and manufacturing wear-resisting of high quality rubber. From the plane's wheels to quality, continues to sole and more areas.

This pair of shoes is interesting Vibram clinodactyly Vibram as a sole manufacturers since the first independent production of their products.First of all, of course, is that the characteristics of 5 independent toe, different from most of the popular will toes not separate shoe, in such a shoe, toes mobile space is not very big, the space limitation by shoes in external forces, under the action of most of the stress will most concentrated in the bigfoot thumb.Put on this pair of Vibram Five Fingers shoes after clinodactyly interesting, can very well balanced and safely walk, keep my feet correct posture, five toes can sensitive feeling action, regulate body posture, keep the right to walk posture, can even further avoid lumbago etc walk posture not correct lead to disease.

Because soles is completely according to the type of the foot, using antiskid designer manufacturing rubber and fine dent than on market, should any pair of vibram kso shoes are more slippery. Sole surface is a layer of polyamide, more wear-resisting sturdy. Manufacturers said even can regard as general can have good efficacy of climbing shoes, because toes can more free mobile, completely light foot feeling, enjoy barefoot outdoor.

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