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Sunday 27 March, 2011

Indoor To Wear Vibram Fingers Shoes

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With several obvious, tall canister Five fingers shoes, cooling the padded boots, such as again back to people in winter's foot. But, thick winter shoes in outdoor very comfortable, in the warm indoor, appear too bulky and sultry. Since most winter shoes have a few centimeters thick heels, long dress, foot can't get very good relaxation, arches easy tired, and actions don't light.

In the winter indoor to wear vibram fingers shoes, against blood circulation feet. At the same time, because of thick boots airtight, wear rise will feel very stuffy, foot to sweat, time grew, can cause the germs, serious when may cause eczema, dermatitis, beriberi and other diseases. And cloth soft, good air permeability, walks already agile and deft, feet not easy tired. The large temperature difference in indoor circumstance, might as well prepared in the office, not only avoid the double cloth shoes worn indoors the discomfort, and belle shoes, lightweight, soft cloth shoes, breathable, very conducive to foot care.

A pair of domestic and foreign patent, a total investment of 30 million, has been health air conditioning vibram five fingers shoes developed successfully yantai China. This technology by shandong boon come health care technology, China institute of project to research and development. Experts shoe-making The air conditioning shoes according to the bionics, engineering mechanics, health care medicine principle, adopt unique air circulation system and ingenious energy circulation system, using nanometer technology and magnetic therapy technology, enhance the blood circulation to your feet vti purpose.

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