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Monday 28 March, 2011

In The Rain Don't Wear Vibram Shoes

by Administrator

By through the scope leather treatments make its exposing tidy uniform leather fibre to the material that again, because dyeing rough texture gives a person with massiness warm feeling, also makes this kind of Five fingers shoes most often see in the winter.In the scope of shoes are more delicate, so-called delicate, not be to say, but because bad shoes texture easily infected with dirt, not to mention the scope light series, including black, brown this kind of color is also dirty has no company quantity, certain al-maktoums, without any hide leeway; After lead to wear vibram fingers shoes, because the surface of fiber will slowly fall off, leather become bare, and grind arenaceous formed around rough disharmonious contrast, also very affect beautiful.

How clean and maintenance fivefingers shoes? If the scope was infected with the dust, not wipe with wet cloth, that would put the area of the more dust brush, better solution is to use big and soft brush lightly or light dusting vamp, lightly dust off, if besmirch hard to remove, use wet cloth dips in with click, light the way that purify besmirch, also won't lead to besmirch surface continue to expand. Avoid by all means is in the rain and snow don't wear vibram five fingers kso shoes and scope of grind arenaceous a but large touch water can be hard to do, and cortex will harden.

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