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Monday 28 March, 2011

Health Children's Fivefingers Shoes

by Administrator

Looking for carbon footprint, tinker bell is action, choose to alter the earth, green create the future, every pair of 5 finger shoes year emissions of are walking, tinker bell will for each consumer planting trees, absorb carbon dioxide accordingly, wipe its carbon footprint. At present, the plan and the local government has entered the overall negotiation and implementation phase. This plan from "a pair of children generated on energy consumption, from product development design, raw materials procurement, manufacturing, packaging, terminal sales and so on a series of process, calculates the enterprise each production a pair of children need carbon emissions, through technology improvement, energy conversion, continuously reduce energy consumption, so as to gradually to achieve" healthy, low carbon, environmental protection "concept.

Start the plan, on the one hand, is hoping to will tinker bell "healthy, low carbon, environmental protection" core ideas spread out, on the other hand also reflects a corporate social responsibility and mission.According to tinker bell children executive officers, the company introduced to far tiger Asia are launching maximum health children's fivefingers shoes low carbon industrial park "will also introduced all low carbon concept. The industrial park not only conforms to the low carbon building high demand, from building materials, equipment manufacturing, construction etc.

Each detail fully realize environmental protection; And in the internal structure, comprehensive to low carbon for standards, such as the lower lighting, cooling, heating energy consumption, using LED lamp, and with wind heat energy conversion, reduce cost increase economic benefit. But reducing energy consumption expenditure, redesigned IT, using distribution system of TV telephone systems and Internet meeting, vibram kso sheos reduce waste disposal and make investment recycling, etc.

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