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Thursday 10 March, 2011

Fivefingers Shoes Specially Brand

by Administrator

According to the survey, now domestic production of enterprise is not much, fivefingers shoes specially brand formation enterprise are much rarer. So now, the five fingers shoes on the market not form a system, production and sales of basic is extensive pattern, vibram fivefingers shoes fill the blank of the market in the world market, monolith, basically no form scale rivals.

In this paper the domestic Qingdao, yanan, shenzhen, qinhuangdao and other four cities of several shops of examine investigations discovered that Vibram Five Fingers shoes consumers basic is young, "after 80s" consumers accounted for 30% of the total sales in the 1990s, "after" consumer groups of total sales volume 55 percent more, "00 after" 5% or so, other consumer 5%, brand orientation basic is young consumer groups, price level is basically during terminal positioning.

With economic development and social progress, consumer to fashion and health have higher request, also convenient life, with vibram five fingers kso shoes fine quality, novel design, powerful brands, the marketing conditions are very good customers buying, nine franchised stores all profits. The cases above show that vibram five fingers shoes market is under development, vibram five fingers shoes has inestimable city development prospects.

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