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Friday 11 March, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes With China's National

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Actually, vibram fingers shoes brand idea is not without the traceability. Early in Wisconsin Vibram 5 Fingers shoes fledglings in China, it brings the fashionable dazzle cruel wind is intoxicated, the brand infuse a culture or name brand story, brand had the connotation and denotation of space, the products have the character and style. Vibram 5 Fingers will inject culture brand is a type of from Italy Roman amorous feelings of better mix into the Vibram 5 Fingers shoes, Vibram 5 Fingers shoe of different region amorous feelings to get incisively and vividly, will also Italian brand characteristic interpretation appropriate.

In the brand just entering into China, five fingers shoes with China's national conditions, first in China to blow a fashionable Vibram Shoes wind, through to the brand awareness, and better master fashion pace of Wisconsin, o torre over allfunction completed five fingers shoes brand road must have been very smoothly. Has increased from all parts of the country to its consumers are thought highly of a consumer of sichuan province, Mr. Wang has told reporters, he and his son is o willy faithful fans Vibram Shoes,

Vibram five fingers kso shoes is torre he has seen footwear products inside the most has the brand value of shoes. Especially in the brand image, but also a look over packaging above unforgettable, "five fingers of originality lets us appreciate the from different region amorous feelings of fashion, vibram five fingers shoes are in Wisconsin oneself brand consciousness reliably, under the situation of on the market will grasp well on them, thus plays the effect that make the finishing point.

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