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Friday 11 March, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes Theme Experience

by Administrator

A few days ago, the Shanghai world expo Italian national museum held a "leading barefoot fashion, found that natural pace" Five fingers shoes theme experience activities.Five advocated toe shoes is barefoot movement concept, design strictly in the footsteps of HuoDongDian and contour curve, the shoes will get better balance and wider foot motion ranges, thus obviously improve people in peacetime movement in posture. Five toe shoes lets a person back to the most primitive barefoot state, let those shoes rebuilt master natural motion, improve sports fun.

Yesterday, reporters in yiwu international trade city travel shopping center found five toe shoes, not only in yiwu early have sales, but also received the national patent. In April to start selling tourist center some merchants since every day can sell dozens of double. Especially the Italian national hall vibram fingers shoes after the activity, the purchaser theme experience more drive-travelers. Pictures of young man from xinjiang, to yiwu tourism he see five toe shoes, not only oneself bought a pair of wear, return to friends took a pair.

To wear traditional running shoes running, heel will first touchdown, shoes cannot absorb the vibration turn round to influence ankles, knees and hip, etc, but in barefoot state run, the forepaws will first touchdown, foot and ankle can bring the movement of the vibration is absorbed, reduce some of the sports injury." But wu coach stressed. "vibram kso shoes" whether must be better than traditional running shoes is superior, he hasn't seen authoritative data.

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