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Monday 28 March, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes Produced Vulnerable

by Administrator

At present domestic many five fingers shoes produced vulnerable to the shape, size lack a reference basis, shoe enterprises to produce a style of shoe, mostly trial production, for someone to try it on, think a batch production right. But the traditional production method brings the ills many. If fivefingers shoes enterprises manufacturing shoes to Shanghai, northeast China and other land sales, it is not for locals to wear.

According to introducing, consumers long-term wear shoes which don't fit him and can cause, thumb, children's long-term wall wear not fit shoes will seriously affect foot development, can appear even deformity.Enterprise to produce a pair of shoes when also doesn't know how to ensure shoes can meet the demand of consumer comfort, more is to pay attention to the design, color and vibram kso shoes whether durable. "We also hope to national standards of footwear product can have the relevant provisions about comfort." A shoe enterprises chief said.

Quality inspection institute, said of Five fingers shoes related responsible for mechanics analysis, improves comfort of relevant technical regulations currently has received a domestic experts and national standardization committee of attention and put forward some experts and enterprises in the national standard "comfort" add technical reference, if domestic enterprises and experts generally recommendations, "comfort" is expected to into the gb.

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