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Thursday 31 March, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes Marketing Center

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China's first Italian brand vibram 5 fingers shoes shopping center in chengdu. The journalist learned from fivefingers shoes, nearly hundred Italy first and second brand fivefingers shoes will form a coalition strengthe the direct selling shoes plaza.underneath the wuhou open "meaning is still famous brand" shopping center, the fastest the end of last September, citizens can buy air at home, a pair of price origin Italian shoes about $150.

Yesterday, Italian brand alliance direct selling shoes plaza.underneath strengthe the contract signing ceremony is held in Chinese women's shoes. Reporters from a signing ceremony to realize, a covers an area of 4,000 square meters Italian brand alliance "meaning is still famous brand" (ItalianFashionGallery, shopping center as IFG) will be held on 28 September 5th China shoes with 2010 of the same international procurement festival opening. The center will be the first western China with biggest scale, most rich Italian five fingers shoes brand marketing center.

About the reasons, "choose the famous brand" shopping center means investors said. "chengdu is the only one in addition to Beijing, Shanghai owns three homes outside the city, through lv shop early market analysis, chengdu consumption ability is strong, and many international famous brands have a foray into western China." Investors revealed, the "meaning is still famous brand" open to investor and after vibram 5 fingers sale, and set up a research and development center will Italy's purchasing chains into chengdu.

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