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Thursday 10 March, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes Into People Life

by Administrator

Vibram Five Fingers shoes in the market sales reasonably well, billions of dollars every year can create value, to achieve the company established goals, forthcoming vibram fingers shoes to promote national 23 provinces 282 a city, a famous mall into more than 20,000, completely swept shoe the traditional model of target have a long way to go. Estimate this time will be about two years. As long as the company is full of one mind, continue to execute up positive strategy, this goal in about two years time completely possible.

Vibram Five Fingers shoes of the marketing strategy and market reaction basically no problem, need to be emphasized the following two points: 1. To have this industry cake made large, as a piece of blank market fill person, company is namely industry, forestalls to formulate industry within the rules, and do more propaganda, in each age of consumer groups within propaganda vibram five shoes product health concepts, and let more and more people know to vibram five fingers shoes health effect. 2. Face so broad market, to continue the expansion of the company policies, open more investment channel, accept investment, continue to adopt the idea of win-win cooperation. Develop a larger market, concession five fingers shoes into more people of life.

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