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Friday 04 March, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes In The Gym Movement

by Administrator

In hao sand fitness as trainer of jade tells a reporter, bare feet wearing Five fingers shoes in the gym movement, there won't be any don't feel safe, even if the floor is very slippery when no relationship. Yoga, aerobic exercise such as light foot gym activities can be used. In the beginning, in the beginning of the year someone in the gym wearing five toe shoes after exercise, and many people are trying to experience after it, it will become a loyal fans. Managing a outdoor sports club zhang xu, Vibram Five Finger shoes is a pair of very good climbing shoes, which grasp of the earth adsorption ability is very good, separate five toes can flexible single activity, brings a completely different rock climbing feeling.

Wearing five toe shoes rowing, it won't like OARS shoes as easy as falling, also can be well protected tiptoe and heels. Zhang xu also suggested that used to climb and surfing when recommend using smaller size five toe shoes, because action makes force larger, if you wear normal size shoes, bipedal easy to move, falling shoes. In the first wearing vibram fingers shoes before use, need light passage onto 2 minutes, let his feet can adapt to a light feet feel, and then to the foot wear this double "gloves".

According to information, separate toes wearing, joint foot type design can people wearing vibram kso shoes when very balance and safely walk, keep my feet correct posture, five toes can sensitive feeling action, regulate body posture, keep the right to walk posture. At the same time, also played the stimulation soles muscle, promote the blood circulation, and can improve the role of movable scope, even can avoid further lumbago etc walk posture not correct lead to disease.

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