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Sunday 27 March, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes Focus More On Sole

by Administrator

When i was young had a very creative hobbies, even buying five fingers shoes often focus more on sole, sometimes feel sole design is very beautiful shoes directly buy down, the final result is home saved many fundamental won't wear shoes, small make up also once because this thing is broad masses of the people criticising countless times. Of course, most of the shoes design focusing on surface style and adornment, rarely special design sole decorative pattern. Japan footwear designers.ceslie the grain of sole with creative design, blended in with the decorative pattern characteristic of some Japanese paintings, will transform into art shoes. These specially designed shoes, color is harmonious and beautiful decorative if not to wear can be art collection.

For many old brand is concerned, because many aspects of traditional, failed to keep pace with The Times, maintain leads to enterprise development have been blocked, such as 30 years ago, the watch with a past brilliance is no longer, particularly for technical route, Vibram Sale and ignore the fashion and brand image upgrade mold, a development are always wandering stage.

The same problem, also in many old products, old body appear, such as a sound familiar and unfamiliar shoes, it is long as the Chinese people's liberation army cloth of the type rubber overshoes known from the beginning in the 1950s, China is the people's liberation army's main shoes, until 2002 liberation army changed into the new combat uniforms shoes, 50 years of retirement from the PLA troops Retired, so few people's fivefingers shoes, incredibly in it he was born 60 years later, dramatic.

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