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Monday 04 April, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes Fashion Sense

by Administrator

Five fingers shoes can also out of fashion sense! Public traditional art center chenhong introduced late last year of "small shoe-making teachers counters, recently launched garden with shoes, fashion wind embroider different antique fivefingers shoes, embroidered with the shoe model fashionable feeling, not only rich young girl love, even the old grandma all love.

According to reports, says grandfathers early in Shanghai by making shoes set at warlords love, cause and lady order boom; Later moved to ximending, years ago opened by his baton changing, by American and European pop influence, once troubled vibram fingers shoes, somebody asked him why not trouble out, he said firmly, small garden signboard, can never lose that from me.

Faces of Europe culture shock, entrances, combining Chinese and foreign design magazine, development between Chinese and western culture is cool procrastinate, high pointed, with various embroidery with the shoe, regain consumer confidence.Now the embroider little garden with shoes, even center not only popular Japanese and European countries designers, recently also traveled to scriptures, currently vibram kso shoe have two kinds of styles, an embroidered with gold, suitable for elderly people wear, appearance is sedate, another kind of embedded in design and color, popular with young of ethnic favorite.

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