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Tuesday 29 March, 2011

Five Fingers Shoes Associated Parts

by Administrator

Designers must focus on the comfort levels when vibram five fingers shoes on their feet. The overall quality based on comfort, and shoes are above the shoetree around made of shoetree. Basically, shoetree be feet samples. How good feet sample shoetree to have much good. It Through thousands of foot pictures filmed and analysed, sports researchers help produce a better shoetree. Another influence on the comfort of subsystem of shoes with system is. Chalaza system, each have different from traditional hoes to Velcro closure, to not even shoelaces system, wear and take off shoe as slippers general convenient.

Another and five fingers shoes associated parts of the comfort is heel facings formulations. Heel facing will firmly fixed on the heel shoes of position. In the design of the upper, heel and the ankle need key consideration. Don't conform to requirements will make the facings formulations heel, which causes the heel shoes too loose the stability of the damage.

The upper, including to protect, foot and ankle from harm, especially for hidden damage vital movement. For example, Vibram Five Fingers shoes three quarters mouth high or to the ankle upper will provide better support, avoid ankle sprain of athletes. Foreign turn after cyclone and concerned, use images, stability analysis technology is the key. And motor control.

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