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Tuesday 29 March, 2011

Five Fingers Footwear Market Competition

by Administrator

Domestic five fingers footwear market competition has been in the low end products field. Advertising campaigns, price war intensified, some brands have put themselves and opponents have forced into a small profit position. And in high-end market has been are calm. Its market development and the advertising investment not in proportion, but completely unbridled ground occupy high-end market. That to many shoes, as competition in the industry for enterprises the increasingly fierce, the high-end lines into enterprise vision has become an inevitable.

As exports increased competition, raw materials and labor costs continue to rise, vibram fingers adjust strategy, rely on technological upgrading, a leading global efforts strive vulcanization shoes manufacture level of core technology, won in high-end market development space. The vibram fingers shoes exports to spell price are given priority to, now with the new technology, high grade, conquers the most developed countries mainly personalized high-end market. Since last year, in the fierce competition situation, not only vibram fivefingers shoes exports, but growth 30%.

In the past, Vibram company accepts more than the export orders for cheap rubber shoes products, rely on low cost for small amount of money. The financial crisis after the outbreak, cheap Vibram 5 Fingers shoes export competition becomes increasingly fierce, many of the inadequate factory went bankrupt. For over unfavorable factors, binary adjust strategy, in several big shoemakings base also accelerate new product development design and new materials dynamics, launched a batch of high-end, personalized products, make enterprise in difficulties successful Sally.

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