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Wednesday 30 March, 2011

Direct Selling Vibram Fingers Shoes

by Administrator

From the Fifth Five fingers shoes 2010 international procurement festival organizing committee were knowed that, for feedback the general consumers, better illustrate and Italy famous brand high-end products, makes the Chinese shoes city of high-end platform image, the organizing committee will specifically on September 28, the organizing demonstration in wuhouci later called the house hold is famous brand "favorite fashion party. It is not only a shoe to show, is also a field world top luxury and China millennium culture violent collisions and perfect combination of fashion feast.

It was also reported that the favorite to purchase festival party will embody the fashion shoes international procurement section internationalization, branding and professional characteristics, really did open the market, strengthen the shoe with international exchanges and cooperation. And direct selling vibram 5 fingers shoes.Underneath the wuhou as international brand shoe of display and sale center, give full play to its platform effects, 2010 the wuhou direct selling vibram 5 fingers shoes.

Underneath actively introduce high-end brand of Italy, which aims to help Italian brand better and faster access to and the opening of the Chinese market at the same time, effectively enhance chengdu international, diversified image and promote China's industrial upgrading of women's shoes.Vigorously support this activity of footwear from 2010 in purchasing section already three consecutive years during the international youth five fingers shoe designer contest held, train a number of outstanding youth five fingers shoe designer, youth five fingers shoe designer contest will this month 29th final.

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