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Friday 25 March, 2011

Compared With Vibram Fivefingers

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Wen is shoe dealers for years, in this business for more than ten years, the distribution of footwear brand in his hand, not in the hundreds of distribution of this can be counted as a shoe. But recent wen but made one thing, to obscure his girt only to a paragraph of torre called the Vibram Five Fingers shoes have a special liking and concentrate on the brand to the brand's distribution work starts.

Asked about his reasoning, he smile: vibram fingers said vibram five fingers shoes are his best brand, "fashion, promotion thought good and healthy function strong," talking about Vibram Five Fingers shoes, wen a face excited.Indeed, Vibram Shoes are vibram fivefingers met wen in recent years most value and distribution of potential footwear products, and one of the many other shoes, compared with vibram fivefingers shoes the incomparable advantage.

As is known to all, China has roughly 10 million fashion crowd, this kind of crowd the consumption of fashion shoes conservative estimate about 10 billion dollar, so just five fingers shoes this piece of cake of 60 billion each year contain huge market space. When compared to the other brands, vibram 5 fingers shoes, Vibram Sale the unique superiority of shock market. Each type of shoes style novel, can you make a person enchanted? So by vibram five fingers shoes, vibram is understandable the favour of investors.

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