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Tuesday 29 March, 2011

5 Finger Shoes Product Exports

by Administrator

At January to June, our footwear product exports reached 49 million pairs. According to conservative estimates, before the end of this year the number will achieve 90 million pairs. Our 5 finger shoes product exports caused by the rapid increase of global some footwear products mainly producing countries, along with all the panic of trade protection measures also cans be imagined. In fact, seemingly huge exports to China shoemaking enterprise not bring more profits, on the contrary, some footwear product price is down. Whereas domestic raw material and labor market changes, it is to let some enterprise unprepared.

Labor price rise is many industry faces problems. According to Chinese Five fingers shoes industry association, the director of the office of introduces, at present, our country most shoemaking enterprise have 10% ~ 15% missing work rate. At present, many farmers changed, if their local employment in the wages and in the field, they are more similar than to stay at home or work from home city near.

Cost price rises for fivefingers shoes export enterprise caused a tremendous pressure, but with foreign customers, our country shoemaking enterprise and lacking prices farmar. As one of the vibram kso shoes products production, China manufacturing to link to determine the price of a product is very limited. Some big enterprise customers for relatively fixed, its line of a brand shoe of products. So, in long-term cooperation process, Chinese suppliers may have part of the pricing qualifications and conditions. In addition, some enterprise by itself in development efforts, will originally design, completed in abroad such links to turn to the enterprise interior, also earn part of the pricing. In China for pricing is the development direction of some large enterprises. Enterprise to constantly improve factory management, improve research and development ability, improving staff work efficiency to spend more effort.

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