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Sunday 27 March, 2011

Indoor To Wear Vibram Fingers Shoes

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With several obvious, tall canister Five fingers shoes, cooling the padded boots, such as again back to people in winter's foot. But, thick winter shoes in outdoor very comfortable, in the warm indoor, appear too bulky and sultry. Since most winter shoes have a few centimeters thick heels, long dress, foot can't get very good relaxation, arches easy tired, and actions don't light.

In the winter indoor to wear vibram fingers shoes, against blood circulation feet. At the same time, because of thick boots airtight, wear rise will feel very stuffy, foot to sweat, time grew, can cause the germs, serious when may cause eczema, dermatitis, beriberi and other diseases. And cloth soft, good air permeability, walks already agile and deft, feet not easy tired. The large temperature difference in indoor circumstance, might as well prepared in the office, not only avoid the double cloth shoes worn indoors the discomfort, and belle shoes, lightweight, soft cloth shoes, breathable, very conducive to foot care.

A pair of domestic and foreign patent, a total investment of 30 million, has been health air conditioning vibram five fingers shoes developed successfully yantai China. This technology by shandong boon come health care technology, China institute of project to research and development. Experts shoe-making The air conditioning shoes according to the bionics, engineering mechanics, health care medicine principle, adopt unique air circulation system and ingenious energy circulation system, using nanometer technology and magnetic therapy technology, enhance the blood circulation to your feet vti purpose.

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Vibram Kso Shoes With People-oriented

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As is known to all, China is clog culture birthplace, will record of woodiness material used for shoes for nearly 5000 years of history, and cork is used in shoemaking also decades of history. Because natural cork unique honeycomb hollow inflatable cellular structure and lignin, lignin, natural resin as the main elements of the chemical composition, decided to cork is non-toxic, qualitative light, elastic, damping prevent slippery, wear-resisting, compressive, not corruption not decayed, deformation aging, and many other good physical and chemical properties, thus can maximum satisfy high-end fashion fivefingers shoes, military, labor insurance, surgical orthopaedic, and other special shoes inside bottom material need.

In order to meet modern more comfortable change to clogs, artistry, personalized and green fitness pollution-free requirements, in the first domestic leading development cork products shoes, sole, vibram 5 fingers shoes to use cork essence pink nature and decoloring, color , rubber cork sole overlock materials, cork cloth, cork leather, etc. Various kinds of light clogs bottom. Recently completed the cork the development of composite fitness sole, set the strong clogs bottom of dull and cork soft comfortable at an organic whole, heel, heel, former palm with three stress points, to fill the strengthening cork three foot before dint even comfortable, realize the effect can be hands.

Vamp with cork leather realized complete wood turn green pollution-free shoes, suitable for all kinds of fashion shoes, casual shoes, sandy shoes, leather shoes manufacturing, and greatly reduce the cork shoes cost. This product has been applied for the national patent. Vibram kso shoes with the people-oriented, safe health comfortable supreme, the development of man and nature of modern humorous of consumption concept, in recent years by guangdong, wenzhou, fujian, shandong, used in many large procurement shoe export shoes production to meet the market demand, disseminating Chinese consumers clogs culture.

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Customize The Vibram 5 Fingers Shoes

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India philosopher osho in its "when the fit of shoes wrote:" when the shoe fits, the foot be forgotten." This sentence simple but one expresses the essence of "philosophy of" shoes - only shoes and foot when the tacit understanding, a comfortable foot got a real freedom, this is the gold value, also is shoes aesthetic vertex. Comfortable vibram fingers shoes soul, someone focus your attention, like nursing homes passage as suffering from depression of the wealthy, and make every effort and meticulously, then for you to make a pair of supernatural beauty set tailored shoes, then this dreadful identity labels and your shoes to the distinctive temperament of your comfortable and happy.

Vibram shoemaking process has followed an old tradition: in each pair of shoes foot the important parts of bow, using small hammer a leather, this kind of special treatment methods is the Vibram shoes soul. It has been very stressed the shoe model and foot Alessandro Vibram, founder perfectly adept at tailor-made shoes; fivefingers shoes sculptor Torello Vibram even lesprit created "Vibram" skills, this is a kind of need not try a shoe will test to evaluate its strong foot stronger accurately the professional methods, facilitate weakness to provide customers more manual shoemaker, professional and reasonable proposal, and not just blind in accordance with customer wishes to custom.

Leather and suture are used for the world's top technology achievements, cowhide is given priority to, crocodile skin of complementary. Its special leather venezia through a patina of patent applications of technology, good will turn color, make leather with mysterious and difficult to copy of light and shade and the color depth. It fans around the world, including royal duke Pope, celebrities and social elite. Unfortunately in-store currently offers only not every year regularly customization 1-2 times, from France quantity foot division will be based on its own time and all over the world the situation with custom file to meet, so please be sure the advance booking. You often need to use about half a year time to wait, wait quantity foot division six months to get you to customize the Vibram 5 Fingers shoes, during a year long past, this is big powers.

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Today Fashion Five Fingers Shoes

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Italian vibram fivefingers shoes, has been the world took the highly fivefingers shoes shoes. Have a long history of vibram, has been to the top of raw materials and skilled manual win, and they also can give wearer provide healthy and comfortable, so an especially popular sports people, such as John McEnroe, Alain Prost, Nigel over at tiffany a distinguished Mansell etc extremely.

A.t estoni besides can take care of the feet, its production process characteristics more divided into 168 different processes. This brand of shoes another feature of it is waterproof, the vamp can waterproof, but won't condensed moisture shoetree, can make skin natural ventilation. Located in northampton's Jeffrey - wise, Jeffery - West with its extremely unique "half customize" being installed in today's fashion five fingers shoes, crane of wave.

Company boss Jeffrey and wise, with the GuyWest lining, straightforward liquor wiring and eye-catching colors of leather, such as honey yellow, tangerine color, peach wooden color and black, to create a lock needle high tasseled shoes this classic style. Sexy go line and the ankle of the upper outline of vibram kso shoe, suitable for leisure wear out on Friday, appropriate and jeans, loose sweater or coat collocation.

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Handmade Fivefingers Shoes

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Vibram is Italy handmade fivefingers shoes brand, exquisite workmanship, has a long history. Then the company diversified development, not only produce pure manual shoes, and developed a series of high quality leather shoes, casual shoes, sandals, men and women, boots, male and female attire and men and women purses such leather products.

With exquisite handicraft is famous in the world market, love. Aristocrats received star "Strive to build the best and most comfortable around the world the most fashionable leather products is always the casino business philosophy. Sincere and high quality, dedication, as a representative of the concept is the core, take customer satisfaction culture as the goal, in domestic top-grade men's vibram fingers shoes market also have quite a share.

Products are mainly made by hand shoes, divided into two categories, male and female shoes material adopt import high quality material, such as pure leather, sheepskin, lizard skin, snakeskin, rare fishskin etc, omni-directional, the product by advertisers comfort, fashion model, beautiful generous, mature temperament etc mainly. Products now involves spring and autumn period, the summer of business and leisure vibram kso shoes, development direction will radiation clothing, jewelry, belts, bags and other products. Endless innovation and design can say.

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Wear Vibram Five Fingers In Socks

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Traditional boots, its characteristic is boots curl, boots sought help for tan or light brown color, boots general beam and help for tooth green panels, beautifully labeled "clouds roll" "dish bowel" pattern. Boots and wide leather, or lining lined carpet. Inner Mongolia five when called wide sleep inside the temple has kept a pair of I living buddhas robson larson cortical five fingers shoes, it has more than two hundred years history.

The hulunbuir region has a "whole cloud big approach by boots" pointed tube, a tongkou horseshoe-shaped ruler, become warped on boots two inches or so, has the distinct characteristics of traditional Mongolian boots.Round head boots, fasten sweet cowhide make, front hypertrophy, help, boots are skins, cold-resistant effect is better. The vibram 5 fingers shoes have to remember. Ancient people regardless of the men and women all wear round head sweet leather boots. Because this kind of sweet cowhide boots cold-weather effect extremely good.

The boots be made with black high-grade sweet cowhide, with a green clip boots to help the together, together with has several layers of ripe, the thick leather into grounds, style, material and tonal one integrated mass, has the of primitive simplicity and dignified local style. In addition, they must wear a bright skin boots, its pattern similar sweet cowhide boots. They rode out the coldest days when the spectators in the boot of wear boots set outside the goats, called "all play" cry. Young people wear Vibram Five Fingers in socks with beautiful patterns to sewing boots edge.

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Fivefingers Shoes Pattern

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Cloth boots also called riding boots, is to use advanced cloth or big flocking production, boots head and boots cylinder on often by golden thread embroidery. New patterns are gorgeous, strong ethnic characteristics. Tiptoe heel, boots on the help, embroidery, fivefingers shoes pattern, basically have moire, back to grain, grass grain, million words machine bats, butterfly, water flea, flowers, etc, and the like, which is nice. Do much good girl, often should get you praise.

Boots, usually with cowhide production, have old and new two kinds, old boots with astringent surface, its style made sweet cowhide, boots, ancient boots on head cumbersome curl, boots tube about foot high, more than TongKou wide, horseshoe-shaped thicker, like a boat form; New boots with smooth leather making, commonly known as the spurs. In addition, there is a soft bottom leather boots, with production, rodeos camel soft-soled leather boots provide stronger, lighter, wear vibram fingers on the foot comfortable, and specifically to give children wear with kids, the firstfruits of sheepskin and hide from made.

Ordos people wear boots or incense cattle in winter Vibram 5 Fingers, carpet sox of cattle. Boots pointed round head tilted and boots without help and boots connect the place and boots face into green clip bar clamp. With mounted a refers to the lining of the son into thick najaf. Boots is bald nose. The inside of the heel, winter boots felt more, with a layer of lining on cotton yarn or after a chicken catch lines and with tight stick together package. SaiBei already so spent the winter for, make strong, not easy broken barb knocks Vibram 5 Fingers shoes, and appearance also more good-looking. If grinding rotten, women will use carpet or cloth new soles in Shang son do barb knocks.

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Five Fingers Shoes Focus More On Sole

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When i was young had a very creative hobbies, even buying five fingers shoes often focus more on sole, sometimes feel sole design is very beautiful shoes directly buy down, the final result is home saved many fundamental won't wear shoes, small make up also once because this thing is broad masses of the people criticising countless times. Of course, most of the shoes design focusing on surface style and adornment, rarely special design sole decorative pattern. Japan footwear designers.ceslie the grain of sole with creative design, blended in with the decorative pattern characteristic of some Japanese paintings, will transform into art shoes. These specially designed shoes, color is harmonious and beautiful decorative if not to wear can be art collection.

For many old brand is concerned, because many aspects of traditional, failed to keep pace with The Times, maintain leads to enterprise development have been blocked, such as 30 years ago, the watch with a past brilliance is no longer, particularly for technical route, Vibram Sale and ignore the fashion and brand image upgrade mold, a development are always wandering stage.

The same problem, also in many old products, old body appear, such as a sound familiar and unfamiliar shoes, it is long as the Chinese people's liberation army cloth of the type rubber overshoes known from the beginning in the 1950s, China is the people's liberation army's main shoes, until 2002 liberation army changed into the new combat uniforms shoes, 50 years of retirement from the PLA troops Retired, so few people's fivefingers shoes, incredibly in it he was born 60 years later, dramatic.

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